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Caddie Program

Crystal Lake Country Club has offered caddies since 1922. The program has grown over the years and now the club has approximately 80 youngsters from the community learning the trade.  Many of them have gone onto begin golfing and several have even attained the Evans Scholarship.  In fact, in the club’s history, sixteen caddies from Crystal Lake Country Club have been awarded the four-year, full ride scholarship.  Each spring, the club looks for new caddie recruits.  Children, a minimum age of thirteen, are welcome to come out for Caddie Orientation to discover if the job is for them.

Why Become a Caddie?

  1. To earn income.
  2. To learn more by being around golf.
  3. So I can play a beautiful golf course on Mondays.
  4. To meet nice people (often pillars of the community).
  5. To work to attain the Evans Scholarship to pay for my college tuition.
  6. To possibly be promoted to the outside services staff at CLCC.
  7. Good hours.  The hours are early on the weekends, but after caddying you often have the rest of the day to play golf, do family stuff, or get together with friends.

Evans Scholarship

The Western Golf Association’s Evans Scholars Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sending deserving caddies to college. The Evans Scholars Foundation has provided college tuition and housing to more than 10,000 men and women since its founding in 1930. Today, there are 870 Evans Scholars. Each scholar is selected based on his or her caddie record, academics, financial need, and character.  Almost all live in an Evans Scholarship House at one of fourteen top universities nationwide.  For more information visit the Western Golf Association website:  www.wgaesf.org

Caddie Training

There is no pre-registration to become a caddie.  Prospective caddies are required to attend one of the Caddie Orientation days.  That serves as our general sign up.  During the orientation, caddies provide their names, phone numbers, get a caddie information packet, watch a video on the work a caddie performs, and listen to presenters explain the expectations of the job.  Parents are welcome to attend the orientation days. 

Caddie training begins in April.  Trainees are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather.  Come prepared with your own towel too.  The trainers are comprised of the golf professional staff, involved members of the club, staff, and experienced caddies.  See schedule below for details on our training days.  Training will take 2 - 3 hours.  We require a minimum of 12 hours of training before a caddie can be certified.  Each caddie must complete six hours of training for carrying the bag and six hours of training for cart chasing.   The trainee then takes a written caddie test.  Once a “pass grade” is achieved, the caddies then purchase their uniform.  Watch the following video to get a head start.  https://vimeo.com/10981756


Caddie Training Schedule

Caddie Orientation    
  Saturday, March 18th 10:00-11:45  
  Saturday, March 25th 10:00-11:45  
  Saturday, April 1st 2:00-5:00 Carry Bag
  Sunday, April 2nd 2:00-5:00 Carry Bag 
  Wednesday, April 5th 4:00-6:00 Carry Bag
  Thursday, April 6th 4:00-6:00 Carry Bag
  Saturday, April 8th 2:00-5:00 Carry Bag
  Sunday NO TRAINING Masters Sunday
  Wednesday, April 12th 4:00-6:00 Carry Bag
  Thursday, April 13th 4:00-6:00 Cart Chasing
  Saturday, April 15th 2:00-5:00 Cart Chasing
  Wednesday, April 19th 4:00-6:00 Cart Chasing
  Thursday, April 20th 4:00-6:00 Cart Chasing
  Saturday, April 22nd 2:00-5:00 TBA
  Sunday, April 23rd 2:00-5:00 TBA
  Wednesday, April 26th 4:00-6:00 TBA
  Thursday, April 27th 4:00-6:00 TBA
  Saturday April 29th 2:00-5:00 TBA*
  Sunday, April 30th 2:00-5:00 TBA*
  Wednesday, May 3rd 4:00-6:00 TBA*
  Thursday, May 4th 4:00-6:00 TBA*